Work Order

This contract must be printed, filled out, signed and submitted with your photos/memorabilia.

Please note:  I cannot start working on your album/pages/project without a signed contract.

  • Deadlines will be accommodated when possible at an additional charge.
  • Your credit card will be charged 1/2 when starting your project, the remainder when ready to ship.
  • Special instructions: list your likes or dislikes as far as colors, patterns, style.
  • photo & video updates via email
  • Free consultation, if/when needed
  • Each page designed around your photos
  • You can choose theme, colors, etc., or trust my professional design skills
  • Photos cropped and/or matted when appropriate
  • Album includes 20 pages/10 page protectors
  • Drop-down navigation menu
  • Marriage proposals
  • Baby
  • Wedding
  • Grandparent Brag Books
  • Book of Firsts
  • Pet
  • Holiday
  • Heritage/Genealogy
  • Sports
  • Special Events
  • Whatever theme you need, I can design the album for you.

Work Order . . . Contract

Isabel's Scrapbook Store & Homemade Memories
Isabel Lawrence, Owner & Designer
6048 Anchorage Way S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________

  City: _____________________State:_______________ Zip:___________ Phone: _____________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Deadlines will be accommodated, when possible, based on Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence’s production schedule.  An additional charge may be applied to extreme rush orders.  Please call or email me so we can discuss my availability before you send me your project.

It is best to estimate at least 2-3 weeks for me to work on your albums/pages, plus an additional 3-4 days shipping each way.

Special Instructions:  Please note specific instructions related to a batch of photos/layout should be placed in a zip seal baggie; (with instructions) so I know they belong together.  Paper clips/rubber bands/etc. have a tendency to get loose in transit letting everything get mixed up again. 

Specifically list colors, patterns, embellishments you want used or you specifically do not want used:  _____________________________________________________________________________________




This agreement is so we both agree to what is expected so you are not disappointed with your completed project.

Read the following provisions carefully.  Initial each line where indicated, and sign the Agreement.
By initialing each item and signing the agreement you accept and agree by the terms of this agreement.  If you do not agree to all of the terms . . . call me so we can reach an agreement.


1. I understand that all items to be included in my custom album/page (photographs, memorabilia, etc.) will be permanently mounted using products labeled by reputable manufacturers as "acid free", "archival quality", and/or "lignin free" (to include, but not limited to: adhesives, papers, accents, pen/ink).  Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner is not liable for manufacturer claims.    Initials: _________

2.  I accept full responsibility in the event photos and/or memorabilia provided are damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, theft, auto accident, or other unavoidable disaster while in Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner possession, and agree not to hold Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner liable.          Initials: _________

3. I understand that photos and memorabilia may be trimmed during the design/creative process, when needed. Initials: _______

4.  I understand Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence; owner requires a minimum of 50% payment with signed contract in order to begin the job.  Final invoice & payment is due before completed project is returned.  Shipping fees will be added to final invoice.   Payments made with a personal check will require my project be held until the check clears the bank.  Initials: _____

5.  I understand shipping will be through USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex, and will require it be tracked, insured and proof of delivery.   Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner will provide tracking information when shipped and is not responsible for damage caused by the shipping agent.  Damage/lost claims need to be made directly with shipper, immediately.  Initials: _______

6.  I understand that all efforts available will be made to insure satisfaction of a completed Album or page; but because I am requesting a CUSTOM -- Individualized -- Service, I understand that I cannot return/request a refund once started/completed.  Initials:  _________

7 I understand that every effort will be made by Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner, to complete the specific project by the deadline agreed upon, and I will receive progress reports as the job is being completed.  Initials: ____________

8I understand that Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner, is the Design Artist to the layouts/pages and I cannot claim the designs, or any part thereof, as my own creation.  I also understand that I cannot submit them for publication, contest, sell, nor publish, or any part thereof, without permission from Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner or as my own design.  Initials: _____________

9I understand all returned checks must be rectified with a valid credit card #, pay pal address to send invoice for immediate payment, or "Money Order" within 7 days with an additional $25.00 ISF fee; or the check will be turned over to the proper authorities for legal collection.  Any legal costs will be at the customer's expense.  Initials: ____________

With my signature below, I agree to hire Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner and accept the terms I have read and initialed.  This agreement can only be changed or amended in writing and signed by both parties.

Customer Signature: ______________________________________ Date ___________________

Designer's Signature: _____________________________________ Date ___________________
                        Isabel’s Scrapbook Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner

Please call me at 727-685-2134 if you have any concerns or just want to talk to me before you send me your photographs.

Estimated Payment/Order Form


1.  Album/Page size:  Circle One

 12x12    8½x11    6x6    8x8

2.  Complete Package Style name: ____________________________


3. Price for Individual additional pages = ____# pgs ___ X price (does not include album)




Check/Money Order enclosed: ___________________ checks require bank processing time.

PayPal Address for me to send a PayPal invoice for payment: ________________________

Credit card information for either MC or Visa

Card Number: ___________________________________________________________________
Expiration: ____________________ CSV: _____________________

Name card: _____________________________________________________________________

Complete credit card billing address:

I authorize Isabel’s Scrapbook Store & Design Service/Isabel Lawrence, owner to charge my credit card for ½ estimated total price at time of starting project, and the final invoice amount provided to me at the completion of project.

Signature : _______________________________________  Date:_______________
                      (credit payment authorization is subject to credit approval)

I look forward to working with you, designing your custom albums/pages to preserve your family photographs and memorabilia.  This page of the contract will be shredded upon final payment & delivery of your completed album/pages.  If you have any questions, or just want to talk to me at any time—just give me a call or send me an email. 

Isabel Lawrence,
Owner & Designer
Isabel's Scrapbook Store & Design Service
6048 Anchorage Way S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Call or text if you have more questions or concerns.