Custom Design Scrapbook Service

Photo Preservation Specialist

Do you have photographs in boxes, SD cards, cameras, phones,
 online storage or in unsafe magnetic albums?
 Photos that were passed down to you of generations past?
Are they still in developer's envelopes, in a closet,
various drawers throughout the house, or attic?
Do you wonder who the faces in the photographs are?
Wonder what their day-to-day lives were like?
What made them special?
Will your children know?
Or will they remain as forgotten strangers in storage.

Is the number of photos you have waiting too overwhelming?
Are you so tired after a long day's work,
 running errands and/or tending to children,
 that your photos and memories of today
 will one day be among the forgotten strangers in storage?

Take the time now to start preserving your photos.
Preserve those precious memories you're creating every day.
Take the time to tell the stories that make them special,
so that your future generations will know the
loving memories of their past, so
they will not sit to look at the forgotten strangers left in storage
wondering who they are and what makes them special.


Scrapbook Design Service

Why a custom designed scrapbook?

Because your photos & memories are special to you and your family. They should be preserved in albums that can be shared and enjoyed.  You may be overwhelmed with too many photos . . . work . . . children. You've tried scrapbooking and just don't like it, but you really want to preserve your photos in a safe album so you can enjoy them. Whether you need an entire album, or more, or just a few pages to help you get started, or catch up, my service is here to help you.

my photos are in magnetic albums and turning yellow, is it too late?

No, it's not too late, but the sooner you get them out safely, the quicker you'll slow down the damage from the wax that made them magnetic.

my photos are on an SD card, hard-drive, flash drive, can you develop them?

No, I do not have a photo quality printer.  Options for you would be to develop them locally.  You can upload them to an online developer and either have them mailed to you or to me.  If you have them mailed to me, you'll need to send me the completed work order/contract and let me know to be on the look out for them. 

Or, you can send me whatever you have them stored on (with your work order/contract) and I can take them to my local developer. I will only develop a standard print size, any resized photos you'll need to work with your local developer.   I will add the cost of developing to your invoice, which will also be reflected in the estimate inventory sheet I send you before I actually start working on your photos. 

PLEASE DO NOT send me your negatives or undeveloped film.  I don't know any local developer that can provide a print from either negatives or undeveloped film.

Do you guarantee your work?

I personally design/create your album/pages/project, so I am able to guarantee satisfaction.  Because it is a custom album, I will send you progress photos via email so you can review and let me know if something needs to be changed/moved/etc. before it's mailed to you. Once completed I can send you a quick video of what you are actually receiving.

If we are able to meet locally, just let me know, you're welcome to check the progress and pages as they are being designed to provide input.  They're your photos, your memories, your history---it's important to me that your completed album is significant to you.

To insure lasting memories, I only work with acid/free, lignin/free, archival quality materials made by top manufacturers in the industry.

how do i know how many photos to figure on a page or layout?

It will depend on the actual photo, to roughly estimate for your work order/contract price, using a standard 4x6 photo would be:
     12x12 page = 3-5 photos
      8½x11 page = 1-3 photos
      8x8 page = 1-2 photos
      6x6 page = 1 photo
If the photo can be trimmed (without losing anything) you can fit more, and it's possible to add elements to a page that can hold a couple more photos.  Memorabilia will also take up space, so you'll have that to consider too.

You will also need to account a space for your journaling, if you want.  I will add whatever information there is on the photograph (either what you provide, or what is on the backsides) printed onto matching cardstock from computer.  Let me know in the special instruction area of the contract that you want journal spots left open so I can design the page layout with that in mind.

how many pages will an album hold? what if i find more photos?

Albums come with 10 page protectors, which equal 20 designed pages.  3-ring albums are limited to the size of the rings and bulk of the completed pages.  Post bound albums can be expanded comfortably to about 2½" to 3" with extra posts added for strength/texture . . . which could hold an extra 10-20 page protectors (adding 20-40 designed pages), of course depends on the memorabilia you may have to include too. The additional pages are priced individually.  Additional photos found for pages that have been completed can be added in various ways, depending on how many additional photos you found.

I have supplies I've purchased can you use them?

Yes, send me what you have and I'll design your pages using them.  If you want them with specific photos--make note of that or make sure the photos are with them so I know they belong on the same page. If there's something in my online store you want used, you can shop my store and let me know those items are to be used in your custom album, or if you're local, you can pick out items in the store you want used.

I have so many photos, memorabilia, stories . . . where do I start? How do I get them to you?

Start with what you have handy, whether it's a box--developer's envelope--a batch you printed from your storage devices, you can always add more pages later if you find more photos for completed events.
Print out the Work Order-Contract form, fill it out completely, sign it and include it with your photos/memorabilia when you send it to me.  The contract gives me more specific information to ensure your photos are labeled/titled correctly and if you have specific instructions such as color, style, etc.

To help you choose a style you can look thru the layout gallery--you can also opt to have me design based on the number of photos, theme, event, etc.; it's possible you'll end up with an album that has a mix of styles

Place photos (if possible) into zip lock bags so they're protected during shipping from weather (rain, snow), then ship to me.  I use USPS priority, FedEx, or UPS--I want your completed album to arrive to you as quickly and safely as possible.  I compare all shippers to see who offers the quickest, most economical, tracking, insured and signature of delivery.  I will send an email to you immediately when your photos are in my hands so you know they arrived safely.

When I receive your photos I will 'pre-plan' your pages sending you an inventory sheet of what I received and how many pages it will possibly take, with a very close estimate of what your final bill will be, before I start your album. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the number of pages you want, so you can stay within a specific budget. 

How long does it take?

It takes me about 4-6 weeks, to complete a 20 page album.  You need to also consider shipping time (both directions) when you're figuring on the deadline date you need your completed album. I do not keep your photos/memorabilia any longer than I need to. so that time may be shorter.  I will keep you updated on my progress with emails & photos.  You can email or call to make sure I'm not already working on another album, that would be a delay on when I start yours. 

Need a rush order?

You will need to call me to see if what you're needing can be completed in the time you need it. Designing pages around your photos/memorabilia/etc. take time. I won't just slap photos on a page and call it good.

I'm a designer who will treat your photos/memories as if they where my own, in a fashion that will highlight your photos and memories the best.  I am just as picky (if not more) with your completed pages, as I am with my own family album pages.  I will do everything possible to complete your album on a rush status; but, I want you happy with your albums, not disappointed because there wasn't enough time to complete them to your expectations. 

Options to get your order quicker is to send them to me overnight, and me ship back to you overnight (or at least 2nd day air); because that's additional shipping charges, it will be your decision.  Let me know if you need your album sooner than standard priority delivery.

Thank you for visiting my site.
I'm looking forward to helping you preserve your family photographs and memories. 
Because you're trusting me with your precious photos (many irreplaceable),
please feel free to call and talk to me 727-685-2134 (eastern time).