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Isabel's sample of simple layout

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is the creative process of mounting photos, memorabilia, and journaling onto photo-safe paper, highlighting or embellishing them with accents.  It's keeping a recordkeeping of family stories, memories and special times.

What is a Custom Designed Scrapbook Album?

A custom designed scrapbook album, page or project is created and designed specifically around your photo, your event, your memorabilia, your color choices or theme that showcases and enhances your photos while preserving your memories.

What if I don't live local to you?  Does distance matter?

Distance is not  a problem. I have international clients, stateside and local to me.  When outside of mountain time zone, it's best to use email, though you're more than welcome to call and discuss your ideas or just see how things are moving along.  I regularly send updates, via email with photos of pages I have completed so that you can let me know if something is not in the right place, or if I need to change something.  Before I start your project I complete a photo inventory that lets you know how many photos you sent and how many pages it could take.  This also gives a more accurate estimate of your total cost since I adjust the fees based on how many photos on the page and how many embellishments will be needed.

What type of supplies will you be using?

I use supplies such as cardstock for either matting photos or as a base to the page, patterned paper to match the theme of the album, photos or event.  All materials are considered acid free, lignin free from top manufacturers, which is considered safe for photographs.  I use a dry adhesive made for photo safety, and liquid glues for adhering paper to paper (not used on photos).

What kinds of memorabilia can I send you?

Just about anything you have for those photos.  I have used event tickets, party invitations, newspapers (I spray with archival mist to slow the yellowing in some newspapers), post cards and I've even added pockets that hold baby teeth, 1st haircut, and small rocks or sand picked up on vacations.  If it's too large to add to the actual page, I can add a page protector just for the item--such as playbill, event books, etc.  Items that will add too much bulk is better showcased in a shadowbox.

What is considered a page?

A PAGE is one side of whatever sized album you've chosen to haveIsabel's Scrapbook Store sample of a layout page your photos designed on.  My fees are based per page so you'll know exactly how many pages are needed and the total cost.  This is a sample of a PAGE

What is a layout? or a 2-page spread?

A LAYOUT is a single page, a 2-pg spread is two facing layouts that creates the flow of the album.  It gives more space for more photos of the same to be used and grouped together.    This is a 2-pg spread.
  Isabel's Scrapbook Store sample of a 2-pg spread layout
Smaller page protectors can be added between a 2-page spread (layout) to accommodate even more photos without creating more designed layouts. The part pages helps reduce the number of designed pages and albums you'll need, and helps reduce the cost of additional designed pages, yet still includes all the photos you've sent.  Fees are based on the size needed.

Will you be using my original photos?

Yes, I will use whatever photos you send me.  If you're uncomfortable with sending me your only copy, take it to your local developer and have a duplicate made.  My advise has always been to eliminate the boxes, developer envelopes and unsafe albums, so I use originals.  I take great care in all photos as if they where the only printed copy available with no way of printing another.  They are safer in a custom designed safe album than they are in the closets, attics or drawers.
I crop photos only when necessary to remove damage from prior storage, distracting background but I feel the background is sometimes important too.

What types of themes can I use for a custom designed scrapbook?
The options for themes are endless.  I have designed engagement albums that reflects the prior year/years of the couple.  A year in review can be anything from baby's 1st year to a couple's 1 first's which is a great anniversary theme too, as a review of events from wedding to anniversary. This page has a few ideas for themes, just scroll down a bit.
I don't like my handwriting or I'd rather journal after I get the album.
If you don't provide journaling, and there is information on the back of a photo; I will type it into a word program and print it out onto cardstock so that information is not lost behind the photo.  You can also add sticky notes to the backs of the photos, or on the photo packets and I can add the journaling for you.  Journaling can be as simple as who, where and when the photo was taken, a lot of times the why is self-explanatory in the photos
If you want to journal after you get your album or pages back to you, just make a note with a batch of photos that you want a journal spot left for you.
Do I need an album in order to have pages designed?
No, it's not necessary as long as I know what size pages you want.  If you have an album you can either send it to me or I can just send you pages and you can add it to your album.  If you don't have an album but want one, you can either choose one out of my scrapbook store or you can just tell me what color you want or I'll choose an album appropriate for the color scheme or theme.
Do I have to complete the work order/contract in order for you to design?
Yes, you need to print and send with your photos and memorabilia the work order/contract completely filled out before I can start your work.  When I receive your package I will compile a complete inventory sheet that pre-plans exactly how many pages or part pages will be needed to design what you sent.  At that time I will re-verify the estimate you have on the work order/contract making necessary adjustments so that you can make the final decision on how I am to proceed.  After I receive the email reply from you from my estimate I will collect 50% payment.  As I complete pages I will email you, in batch's, photographs of them to keep you updated with the progress. With the last batch of progress photos, you'll receive the final invoice with shipping fees and collect the balance from the payment information on the contract. If I can comfortably use less pages than estimated, I will adjust the final invoice accordingly.
I can't start working on your photos until I have the completed work order/contract, with payment information and signed.

Still have questions?

I have listed above the most common questions I have received over the years of designing.  If you have any other questions, send me an email or give me a call.

Thank you for visiting my site.
I'm looking forward to helping you preserve your family photographs and memories.